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With more than 25 years of industry experience operating
throughout Australia, Asia and Middle East

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Western Sky understands that flexibility, convenience and value for money are the reasons why clients use charter companies.


20+ years of airline & aviation management experience


We lease to several dynamic companies in Australia


We provide tailored solutions for your needs

Our mission statement

Our mission statement

To fulfil your aviation needs, safely and efficiently

To provide our clients with a superior aviation service flown to the highest possible safety standards by supplying suitably qualified personnel, aircraft maintained to the industry best standard and operated by aircrew trained to the highest possible standards. All ably supported by the industry’s best operations team.

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25 years
25 Yearsr of experience
Aircraft Freight Services Australia
Western Sky Australia

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We can provide aircraft to cater for all airstrip pavements and for all your specific requirements. Our aim is to provide innovative solutions tailored to our client’s requirements whether that be:

Western Sky Australia
  • corporate
    We have worked extensively with governments on the state and federal level and mining companies both globally and locally to provide tailored charter solutions. Call us today and we'll provide you with the best possible resolution.
  • Mining
    We provide the best possible advice on runway design and aircraft requirements for your project. Western Sky Australia also 'right sizes' the aircraft for your Fly In Fly Out solution ensuring you don't pay for excess seats. We can then step change with your mining growth providing larger aircraft when needed.
  • Medical
    If you have a medical issue either on holiday, working or living remotely, Western Sky Australia can arrange for your journey to the best available care
  • General Charter
    With experienced IFR pilots providing a professional and personalised service, Western Sky Australia can be available within a moments notice to meet your travel needs.








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    For aircraft ferry services

    For aircraft ferry services and contract crewing services Western Sky can provide crewing solutions for most Turboprop aircraft and jet aircraft such as Airbus A320, A330, Fokker 100 and Boeing B737 aircraft types.

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    Just call to our call-center

    +61(0) 408 402 404

    We take pride in being available for our clients 24/7 and being ready to fly with the minimum of fuss. For more details or any questions you may have please feel free to call us or send us an email


    Western Sky can provide consultancy services for your business.

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